Put your placenta in "Safe Hands"

What is placenta encapsulation?  

Well it is as it sounds. Firstly we dehydrate the placenta, this can be done with a raw placenta or it can be steamed first. Then the dried placenta is ground in to powder and put into gelatine free medical grade capsules.

What is the process?

If you book my services I ask that you contact me when your baby is born and then I will arrange to come to your home as soon as is mutually convenient and start the process of preparing the placenta and getting it into the dehydrator. I would then leave the dehydrator going over night and come back the next day to grind the placenta and put it into capsules.

Benefits to placenta encapsulation?

There are many website which can tell you about he benefits of consuming you placenta below I will add a couple but among the  suggested benefits are...

More energy  for mother.

Faster healing from the birth.

Decreased chances of postnatal depression.

Better milk production...