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Terms and conditions



1)  The client agrees to get the placenta into the refrigerator or into an ice bag/box and transferred to the refrigerator as soon as possible after birth.

2)  I can take no responsibility as to how the placenta is stored before the encapsulation process begins.

3)  If the placenta is deemed unsuitable for encapsulation upon my arrival the booking fee is not refundable.

4)  If you decide to cancel the placenta encapsulation services the booking fee is not refundable.

5)  I will ensure the encapsulation equipment is thoroughly cleaned and sterilised between uses.

6)  Client will provide a clean and clutter free space for the encapsulation process.* This is really important*

7)  I will provide cleaning fluid and equipment and leave the space as it was found.

8)  As the benefit of placenta encapsulation is anecdotal in nature, I cannot offer any guarantee as to the effects.

9)  Clients of this service must take responsibility of their own health and discontinue taking the capsules if they begin to feel unwell.   

10)  I recommend the capsules are taken by the birthing mother only.

11)  I will do my best to encapsulate your placenta within 3 days of being informed of the birth. But I will not be held responsible for a hold up on the client’s side.

12)  I will not encapsulate the placenta of a mother who has tested positive for HIV, Hepatitis B Or Hepatitis C.

13)  The client will be liable for any damage to the placenta encapsulation equipment left in their home over night.

14)  A non-refundable deposit will be taken on booking. The fee paid is for a single placenta only.

15)  Full payment will be taken at my arrival at your home before the process begins.


By signing this form you have agreed to these terms and conditions and agree to the best of your knowledge all the information given is correct and true.















A £20 Non-refundable deposit taken on booking.

The remainder of the fee will be due when I arrive at your home. Before the encapsulation process begins.

Please Note...I am a birth doula and being called to a birth will take priority over encapsulation.